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IT Security


Comtech IT Services advise our clients how to address information security, risk and compliance needs to identify vulnerabilities and assess technology and business risk to meet compliance mandates such as GDPR, Network security and more.

Our approach helps firms achieve these mandates in an efficient manner, minimising their risks of a cybersecurity breach.

Comtech helps firms make informed decisions on how to allocate resources to manage information security risks and compliance. Doing this against client business requirements and objectives ensures a customized and workable solution.

 Benefits of our governance and oversight services include:

- Provides the board with greater visibility on cyber risk
- Provides framework and guidance for ongoing improvement
- Reducing the number of risks a business faces
- Reducing the costs arising from these risks.

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Cyber Strategy Services

Cybersecurity threats are inevitable and unpredictable. Enterprises must have a cybersecurity strategy to deal with risks to prevent future breaches and mitigate their impact. Comtech assists firms in developing a customised cyber strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology with enterprise business priorities and risks.

Designing a cybersecurity strategy is complex task for most firms as it must address a dynamic environment. Comtech consultants work to create a cyber security strategy to create operational efficiencies, maximum return on technology investments, and greater data protection.

Comtech can develop a cybersecurity strategy that:

Identify and protect key items what matters most


Develop a roadmap, bringing a greater level of security maturity


Recommend best practices to help firms better execute their security program

Data Privacy

Organisations that collect, process, analyze or share personal data certainly face significant data privacy challenges. If not dealt with correctly, it places the firm and the data at risk.

Personal data collection and use, with increased regulation and new security threats, created a unique challenge for many organization. If they don’t have a plan to deal with the significant global data privacy laws and regulations such as GDPR, they could be exposing themselves to significant business risk.

When it comes to data privacy, Comtech can help firms by:

Creating programs to protect brand image, reputation and client trust

Create guidance documentation, including privacy policies and privacy operating procedures

Assist with the compliance of local, national and global privacy regulations and requirements

Validate, diagram the process and transfer the data via detailed data flow diagrams

GDPR Guidance

The right approach to information security is critical to achieve GDPR compliance. For many organisations, this requires a major revision of their security strategy and tactics. With compliance mandatory by May 2018, there’s only months left to deal with this the significant task of GDPR compliance.

What makes GDPR unique and a challenge, is that it requires firms to implement it via a risk-based framework. Since it covers personal data, GDPR focuses on ensuring the correct governance structure, policies and operational practices in place. In addition to monitoring, detection and incident response.

Comtech helps firms with the information security measures necessary for GDPR compliance via:

- Gap assessment against the GDPR standards for information security and incident response practices, to produce a roadmap to compliance
- Monitoring services to support the information security and incident response aspects of GDPR

Security Policies & Procedures

A firm’s information security policies and procedures create the roadmap for implementing security measures to protect its data assets. Every firm needs to be aware of the sensitivity of its data and their responsibilities for protecting it. Effective information security policies and procedures set the security tone for the entire organisation and makes personal aware of what is expected of them.

Comtech consultants develop information security policies and procedures ISO 27001, an internationally accepted standard. Policies developed in such a manner support the frameworks required for all information security purposes.

The Comtech process for security policy and procedures development services includes:

Understanding business objectives and all compliance obligations

Defined areas of alignment of security requirements with business processes

Development of the firm’s policies and procedures

Define periodic policy tuning and use case evaluation

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