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Data Discovery & GDPR


GDPR makes companies legally responsible for protecting their data in a whole new way.

Data can only be effectively protected when you understand what data you’ve got and where it is hiding.

Companies are finding that they need to quickly get to grips with millions of files, petabytes of data created, in some cases, over decades. A seemingly impossible task if you have to manually hunt through files and folders across multiple servers, accounts and networks.

How Data Discovery can help protect your data

Data Discovery solutions can help you uncover long lost data, so you can identify what data needs to be protected, what doesn’t, and where your data is hiding. Data Discovery tools can help you to:

- Identify your important data
- Discover where it is stored
- Work alongside downstream technologies to enhance protection and apply storage and deletion policies
- See who has access to data and control user access rights

How Comtech can help you discover your data

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. Data Discovery isn’t a quick solution to GDPR compliance. But it does make getting to grips with millions of files from weeks, months and years gone by, possible.

Comtech can help you to plan and implement your data discovery project. With experts available, we can provide training, application and policy development including:

- Project Management Compliance (Ensure EU Data Protection Directive and other regulatory compliance mandates are met)
- Environment Discovery – Understanding what it is you are trying to protect, how and where
- Data Loss Prevention Policy Creation
- Help Building Requirements and Managing Product Selection
- System Design, Implementation and Deployment
- Training, Education, Support and Maintenance

What next?

For more information on how we can help you achieve GDPR compliance please contact us.

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